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You can check your card balance/transactions any time National Express published a new website National Express & Social Security feature and Services



Providing customers with credit, debit and prepaid cards.

National Express depends on cooperating with local banks in their services and serving their customers through issuing NE cards, where a common interest could be found as well as providing the best customer service quality to you, the customer.


Co-branding: NE offers the service of co-branding its cards with banks allowing customers to enjoy the benefits of NE and keeping the ATM and other services that a customer enjoys at their local bank.

Most banks have expressed their interest in issuing the NE card to serve their customers better, as it is expected that a major expansion in the bank treatments would have to use NE cards and this will be implemented soon.

In addition to that, many banks can issue a co-branded National Express card for their customers who can benefit from both services; the one offered by their bank and NE.

NE also developed a 2in1 card that all banks can use in their ATM services for their customers who have accounts with them and as such the 2in1 cardholder can withdraw cash from their account and can be used as credit card within the credit limit so the cardholder can enjoy the double function of the card.


 National Express

 operates also as an acquirer and all the card withdrawals are automatically posted daily to the merchant's account . Payment to all merchants are done automatically either by cheque or transfer



Merchant is an entity that contracts with National Express to accept card payments for goods or services provided. This will form National Express network which is spread all over Jordan.

This makes the merchant happily accept National Express cards.

National Express succeeded to create a special service on it's website to allow the merchants to check their account details automatically on the website and print their statements any time they desire.


How To Become A Vendor

National Express considers you, the vendor, as a major part in our mutual partnership, success and customer satisfaction.

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